Notes et références de la présentation
de Jean lanoix

Imagining the future: How the Internet can change the work of dietitians

By Jean Lanoix
Dietitians of Canada : National Conference 2012
Toronto, Saturday, June 16, 2012

About Peter F. Drucker, The Drucker Institute:

National Geographic, October 2004 issue, with a scenario of the 2005 New Orleans disaster :

The 2002 Health Canada Romanow Report of the Future of Health Care in Canada

World Health Organisation Health Promotion documents :

The 2005 UK Program : Choosing a Better Diet: a food and health action plan

The 2001-2005 France public nutrition strategy : Les politiques nutritionnelles en France et à l'échelon communautaire

Canada Health Infoway - electronic health information solution – Their mission is to accelerate and advance the use of health information technology with specific focus on benefits to consumers and clinicians.

The original 2006 Canada Health Infoway Blueprint that includes the full chapter of Jean Lanoix’s book « INTERNET 2025 » on the future of Health Care in Canada –

Government of Quebec 2006-2012 Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Strategy document :

Public Health Agency of Canda : Creating a Healthier Canada: Making Prevention a Priority

The Quebec Fondation Chagnon Web site :

The « Quebec en forme » Web site :

Canada Media Fund – Funding for Internet projects are part of the Experimental Stream :

Experimental stream:

Téléfilm Canada Web site :

3 Quebec Films mentionned:

Télé-Québec TV Network in Quebec – Family and Kids Shows department:

Popular Télé-Québec TV show RamDam :

Description of the Illinois Madison Junior High Physical Education Program

YouTube Video on Illinois Madison Junior High Physical Education Program

Information sur le Fit for Life Project

Documentary Film Supersize Me DVD– containing extra scenes on the Illinois Education program :

Documentary Film « Forks over Knives » :

The Health Stand, example of Nutrition Health coaches from Calgary

About the visionary inventor Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Books from Buckminster Fuller I recommend:

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, published in 1969

Manuel d’instruction pour le vaisseau spatial terre, publié en 1969. Une brillante synthèse de sa pensée :

A great book by Jacques Ellul : The Technological Bluff, written in 1990

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